13 Cool Survival Gadgets

If you are looking for some new and cool camping or survival equipment for yourself or to give someone as a cool gift, then you are in the right place. Here are some of the coolest survival gadgets you can buy online, and their all in one affordable place.

To bring you these goods, we joined forces with fellow gadget geeks, the lovely people of Spend Rush.

VSSL Zombie Flashlight and Spike for the Apocalypse

vssl-zombie-flashlightThis black aluminum high-quality flashlight with a high tensile spike is made for one thing – killing zombies. It also has one medical mask included, so you can protect yourself from whatever caused the people turning to zombies.

Price: $59.50 via Amazon.com

Gerber Bear Grylls Micro Torch

Gerber Micro Torch

They say that size doesn’t matter, and this torch is a proof of that. This micro torch is a LED light that can be attached to a zipper on your jacket or backpack. The LED bulb has 4 – Low Beacon, High Beacon, Blinking Light and Off.

The light goes a very long way in the wilderness, and it is easy to use in any condition even if you are wearing gloves because of the soft rubber switch.

Price: $9.62 via Amazon.com

Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen and Cooking Cup

Gerber Canteen and Cooking

This package comes with one textured water bottle with a leak proof lock top and a food grade aluminum cup with 2 retractable handles, convenient for boiling water. The bottle has a 1-liter capacity and it measures 10x6x3 inches.

The design is inspired by classical military canteens with one nested cup.

Remember one of the most important rules of survival – always be hydrated.

Price: $20.04 via Amazon.com

First Aid Kit for First Aid, Car kit, Survival Kit, Bug Out Bag, and Hiking, Travel, Backpacking. Fully Stocked for an Emergency

First Aid Kit

With this kit, you will always be prepared! It was designed by a United States Marine to keep the entire family safe. This first aid kit is the trusted and reliable protection for you and your family.

This compact kit is packed in a water resistant pouch made for the protection of medical supplies. It has 3 pockets and a high-quality zipper, and it can be attached to any belt or backpack.

This is the ultimate first aid kit, perfect for any outdoor activity! It includes everything you may need in the emergency situation.

Price: $20.97 via Amazon.com

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Blanket

survival blanket gadget

It’s large enough for two persons and it is a real life saver! This polyethylene blanket has Priorities of Survival by Bear Grylls printed on it and can be used in various survival or outdoor situations.

It is very compact and its reusable package can also be used for water collection if necessary. The blanket itself is used for shelter and to provide warmth and ground cover, but you can also use it for signalization as its bright orange on the one side and silvery reflective on the other side.

Price: $7.77 via Amazon.com

RattlerStrap Paracord Survival EDC Belt

RattlerStrap Paracord Survival Belt

An entire belt made out of paracord with a titanium buckle. You will always be prepared because you are wearing emergency parachute cord every day.

With this belt, you carry more than 100 feet of military grade parachute cord. It can last for decades and will retain most of its strength even if it’s damaged.

Not to mention that it looks really good and you will always have a secure fit as it is infinitely adjustable.

Price: $97.00 via Amazon.com

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool

Tactical Spork

Great for both civilians and military, excellent for camping and hiking. Spoon/fork and knife, all-in-one, all you need.

This, made in the USA, eating utensil is little less than 7 inches long, and the blade itself is about 2.5 inches long. You have to separate the handle to remove the knife.

Price: $23.00 via Amazon.com

Lifeline 26-Piece Ultralight Survival Kit

lifeline survival kit

When it comes to survival kits, this is an absolute Cadillac of survival kits. It’s ultralight and it’s packed in convenient waterproof roll-up bag. It will keep you safe and it won’t weigh you down.

In this compact survival kit you will find: survival guide, three safety pins, one surgical blade, five wound closure strips, emergency whistle, survival cord, compass, one survival blanket, magnesium fire starter, duct tape, sheet aluminum foil, snare wire, four fishing hooks, one sinker weight, fishing line and reusable zipper-lock bag.

Price: $7.40 via Amazon.com

3 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Collapsible LED Camping Lantern

gyy rechargeable lantern

No power source? No problem! Sun is the only power source you’ll need with this lantern. You can charge it two ways. Before you go camping, just charge it at home by plugging it into the wall plug, and after that, you can re-charge it in nature by exposing it to the sun.

It is very light and compact. It weights only 345g. The lantern will illuminate for 12 hours on one charge and it has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. That’s a lot of camping trips.

Price: $12.99 via Amazon.com

3CERA Portable Windproof Waterproof Survival Lighter Matches

Wind Proof and Water Proof Matches

These wax coated matches will burn even in the strongest winds or in the rain. They are perfect for camping or for the emergency situations. A must have for a survival pack.

The waterproof canisters are painted bright orange so they can be easy found, and every pack contains 20 matches and a striking paper.

Price: $8.30 via Amazon.com

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

lifestraw water filter

Water is the most important thing for human survival. What happens when the water is contaminated? Have no worries, the LifeStraw is a life saver.

This award-winning gadget removes almost all of the waterborne bacteria. It has been used by millions of people from all over the world and counts as an absolute must-have for any adventurous type out there.

The LifeStraw is ultra-light and ultra-compact. Perfect for camping or any kind of emergency.

Price: $19.99 via Amazon.com

The Camping Trail’s “Yellowstone” Survival Grenade and Paracord Bracelet Kit

branade paracord bracelet

These are not just any paracord bracelet and grenade. These are the ultimate survival ones.

The bracelet is made out of 21 ft of strong and durable paracord and two strong carabiners, and the grenade contains 17 items that can be very useful in an emergency situation.

In your survival gear, you will find two fishing kits (fishing line, floats, weights, and hooks), tinder and fire starter, a needle for stitching wounds , safety pin, alcohol pad, razor sharp blade, a sheet of tin foil and a roll of light wire.

Price: $16.50 via Amazon.com

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

pocket shower

Well, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay clean if we are camping in nature, right?

This shower is made of the heat-resistant fabric, so you can expose it to the sun to heat up the water. It has a built-in shower head and the capacity of 10 liters. With the pocket shower full and fully open shower head, you can get about an 8.5-minute shower.

It can also be used when dry as a sack for transportation of sleeping bag or clothes.

Price: $32.95 via Amazon.com