Why www.OmgCoolGadgets.com is the perfect place, to help people find not only cool gadgets, but great gift ideas for Mom, Dad and everyone else that matters.

OMG COOL GADGETS all started as an idea from 2 close friends who wanted to make it easy to find cool stuff on the internet, to buy as gifts for fussy people, and also for ourselves, without having to look through an endless amount of websites that have a lot of crap, and are just a waste of time and space.

There were so many times I found myself having a whole lot of trouble finding cool stuff online when I was in the mood for buying, and had some spare cash that I just gave up and went to the store and paid more for something very ordinary, and that I didn’t really want or like, I just settled with the first thing that came close.

When I talked to my friends about this, I found out I wasn’t alone and that they were sick of it being so hard to find cool gift ideas for their family and even for me lol. That’s when Fat Steve and I got the idea for OMGCoolGadgets,com. We just really wanted to make it easy for everyone of every age, who want to buy something cool online be able to do so with a few clicks of the mouse after typing in the the item they are interested in buying.

We are just normal, everyday dudes (well at least we think we are lol), working at our normal everyday jobs, with a wife and kids, and we really enjoy looking at cool gadgets and inventions, and affordable and useful everyday items for our home and man caves as well, and we wanted a place where we could find cool gadgets and other cool stuff with ease online, all in one place.

We Just Love Gadgets!

So we thought why not make a cool gadget website, with all of the cool stuff we came across or purchased for ourselves, or as gifts for our own family and friends. So we started to do reviews on cool gadgets, gizmos and all kinds of products that are available online (some were hard to find lol), and compare prices to find where these items were most affordable, and to also find the most useful, and the best quality out there. I must admit it does get a little frustrating sometimes, running a website like OMGCoolGadgets.com because obviously, you can’t buy every single gadgets that we review, it’s just not practical, but at least if do want to buy it one day, or do need a certain gadget as a gift, we know exactly where to look, and be able to buy it with ease.

So far we have added hundreds of awesome gadgets, and lots of cool stuff to OmgCoolGadgets.com, ranging in price from under $10 to over $1000, and that are perfect gift ideas for all different sorts of events, all year around, and for all different people of all ages, from the very young to the very old, and even our pets, and even for everyday use. The aim is to make OMG COOL GADGETS a place to help and direct other people to the best deals on cool gadgets, and to the best, most affordable places to purchase the cool gift ideas we have found. Then all the buyer has to do is wait for the mail to come.

Our Site Is Like A Search Engine For Gift Ideas!

We will continue to search the internet for cool stuff for your convenience, and add them to the number of lists on OMGCoolGadgets.com. We already have a number of categories that should help everybody find the gift they need for that special person, whether it be for Cool Christmas Gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, Father’s Day Gifts or for Birthdays, we have found something cool and affordable for every occasion.

Obviously, being male, we have a huge selection of Gadgets For Men, because we love to find cool stuff for men, check out the specs and the cost and give it a review, and find the place that has the best deals for it. That’s not to say that the ladies can’t enjoy the gadgets for men as well lol, and we have heaps of cool gadgets and gifts for women as well. We’ve just recently added a place to find the best camping gadgets online, which will help people find the most useful gadgets for camping and just as importantly, the most affordable.

Keep an eye out for our post for “Gifts for Fussy Teens” and also our other Christmas posts around the festive season, which include “Cool Gadgets and Gifts for Women for Christmas” and “Cool Gadgets For Men This Christmas” and don’t forget, it’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas to beat the holiday rush and the problems a lot of companies have with running out of stock at the busiest time of year. Also, keep an eye out on our “Phone” category, where we are always adding and sharing the latest technology in mobile phones and smart phones and an endless amount of cool phone gadgets for all types of models of smartphones and devices.


Because we are huge gaming fans, we’ve added a place you can also find the latest Cool Gaming Gadgets, Game Consoles and other Cool Gaming Stuff that is worth a look at, and that has caught our attention. You will hopefully be able to easily find a lot of Playstation and XBOX (Microsoft) products here, and even other cool gaming stuff from smaller electronic and toy companies, that we have found while shopping and doing research for our website.

Hopefully we have helped out a few people already, because it makes it even better to know that there are a lot of people like us out there looking for Cool Gadgets online, and want to find the best quality and the cheapest in some cases, online.

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