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Novelty Gadgets

Good novelty gadgets can be hard to find, but our team of self proclaimed geeks, search the web on a daily basis on a quest to find the ultimate gadgets and gizmos. This section of OMG Cool Gadgets is totally dedicated to showcasing unusual, yet original novelty gadgets that you’ve probably never seen before.

Here, you’ll find all kinds of cool things like the Laser guided pizza cutter which allows you to cut your pizza in perfectly straight slices. You will also find novelty coffee mugs like the the hilarious toilet coffee mug, which we found extremely funny. These this list of novelty gadgets is also very handy when you’re looking for gift ideas especially for the hard to buy for.

So, if you’re looking for something original and cool, don’t just settle for some old boring piece of junk that everyone knows about or has. Instead, use our site to find the ultimate gadget that will totally amaze your friends or family members.