Cool Baby Groot USB Car Charger

I am Groot!

Hey gadget lovers, hope you’re having a funtastic day or night where ever you may be..

I’m sure you’ve already been to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie or maybe you’re thinking about seeing it, either way here is something super cute and totally cool.

Groot is probably my favourite character in the movie, so I got pretty excited when I came across this cool gadget.

This is a baby Groot USB car charger and it dances to the music 🙂

Because he is sound activated, as soon as baby Groot hears the music or if you talk he will dance and move which is pretty darn cool!

So cool that I just ordered one for my computer desk (needed something to liven up the room a little too).

If you’re interested in buying one of these adorable little sound activated USB chargers then head on over to they’re on sale today!

Price: $39.99 via