Cool Cat BackPack

Convenience, Comfort and Safety for Your Pet.

Such a cool cat backpack means travelling with convenience, comfort and safety for you and your pet. Whether it be a short walk to the shops, long walk in the park, or even a huge hike to the hills, the Pettom Pet Dog/Cat Bubble Carrier is perfect for the active pet owner. Someone who like to take their cat or dog with them when they walk.

Also being an airline approved shoulder backpack and mobile bed for travelling, makes it ideal if you need to take a bigger trip with you little loved one.

Cat Pack

Watching Your back While You Walk!

As you can see in the picture above, you cute little friends gets to see the world while you walk. Never missing a moment, it’s as if they have access to a HD screen while you exercise.

Colorful & Durable Design for Pets.

Being a mobile bed is not the only thing that makes this two-in-one Bubble BackPack for Pets cool. It’s tough and easy to clean. Having a removable pad to adjust for comforts, also makes cleaning a breeze. So, if there are any little accidents, being removable helps make it easier for the owner to clean up after their pet. Furthermore, it’s ideal for little dogs also, not just kitty cats.

You can grab your choice of 2 colors when choosing your pet pack. If you don’t like the green design, you may enjoy the hot pink or bright yellow better. You could even have a different color for certain days.

Features and Measurements:

The following will give you an idea if the Pettom Dog/Cat Bubble Backpack is the right size and shape for you and your pet

  • Equipped with mesh walls and ventilation holes ensuring fresh air and plenty of oxygen for  your pet.
  • Also comes equipped with a built-in security leash, ensuring you have control of your pet at all times.
  • Has a unique patent pending, revolutionary semi-sphere window design, perfect for pet perving!
  • Dimensions of the pet pack are as follows: Length = 11.8″ x Width = 11.0″ x Height = 17.3″.

The Pettom Pet, Dog & Cat Bubble Backpack Mobile & Bed is designed to suit for small dogs and cats, with a maximum recommended weight of 10 pounds. Therefore you can fit even the chubby bubbies inside safely and be assured that they will be happy.

Cool Cat Pack

The guys and girls who are making Pettom pet carriers are getting better and better with each design. If happen to be looking for a state of the art pet carrier, then you don’t have to look past Pettom, because they are awesome at what they do. Also, there’s no need to go and fork out hundreds of dollars when you can get something as cool as this for well under $100 US.

Price: $58.99 with FREE shipping via