Pioneer Pro DJ System

If you know your music, than you will know that when it comes to electronic gadgets, you can’t get much better than Pioneer systems.

No Complicated SetUp.

With no complicated setup, this awesome electronic piece of gear is perfect for both new DJs, and also Pro DJs that want a home studio quality setup. This Pioneer Pro DJ System is a great option for all DJs who don’t want to spend too much money, but want DJM 900/2000 Nexus quality system. With the Pioneer Pro XDJ-RX DJ System, you get everything you need to set up your own home studio, without the price tag.Pioneer Pro DJ System

All the Features You Need!

Featuring all of the design requirements you will need to mix some really cool and complex beats, makes the Pioneer Pro DJ System and all in one rekordbox compatible DJ system. The Pro DJ XDJ-RX acts as a fully digital DJ Turntable. Pioneer have undoubtedly covered all the bases with the design, and have included a high res screen, with a surrounding bezel, that is similar to the 900/2000NXS Pioneer CDJ players.

Furthermore, the Pioneer Pro has two digital platters that are also quite similar to those on the CDJ-2000 nexus, but has a two channel mixer, downsized from the 4-channel CDJ.

There are only 2 color which are “Space” and “Jet” on the system, but it has the 4 essential color effects, which are; “Lo/Hi Pass Filter”, “Beat-Crush”, “Gate/Compression” and “Noise”. These features assure the user is provided with the fundamental basis needed to produce endless, complex mixes that sound like they have been created by a Pro DJ.

Pioneer Pro

Prepare Sets, Make Your Own Mixes, Upload and Share.

Having equipment that makes can get you prepped for a set is essential when you want to get straight to the beat. Not only is the Pioneer Pro DJ System an awesome tool to prepare sets with, you can even make, it’s awesome to make your own mixes, upload and share with your peeps! This cool turntable will help you make those tapes. When you are happy with your musical creations, send them out to DJs, Club Owners and Producers. It’s the only way to get discovered.

Pioneer DJ System

5 Star Rating!

A highly rated, music making, electronic gadget on Amazon, the Pioneer Pro DJ has a massive 5 star rating! This is important when looking to purchase all gadgets! Furthermore, also keep an eye on how many happy customers there have been. And also cutmore feedback. This particular gadget ticks all the boxes!

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