Texaco Gasoline Motor Oil Neon Sign For Man Cave

Very Unique Texaco Neon Sign For A Special Man Cave Or Bar

Plus Some Extra Reviews And Information On The Best Neon Signs For Man Caves And How To Choose The Right One For You Or For That Perfect Gift Idea.

We get to try out, and review some really awesome neon signs for man caves and bars, and this is one of the best so far. With a very unique design, this Texaco Gasoline Motor Oil Neon Sign is perfect for a Man Cave or Bar.

The original design of the old Texaco signs has inspired these bright and colorful, neon light signs. It would look absolutely awesome in pool-room, or games room, a bedroom or even a garage or service station to brighten things up in style.

Top Quality, Hand Blown Neon Tubing, Mixed With A Traditional Texaco Sign Design Equals Perfection

This top quality Neon Sign features the traditional Texaco sign colors, hand blown neon tubing. Also the signs glass tubes are backed by a slick looking silk-screened, full-colored image.

The whole neon sign is also supported by a black finished metal grid, and it scream class, but at the same time sticks close to a classic look that is known by many of us.

Hang It Up & Plug It In…

This cool neon sign can not be hung on a wall or against a window, it will even sit on  shelf of bar if required to. Neonetics are professionals when it comes to producing these outstanding neon signs, and you don’t get much better than their signs like this Texaco gas and oil sign.

Just plug the sign into a power socket with the neon signs power cord and it will light up any area, and add that cool feeling you get from the warm neon lights, in pubs and bars.

If Texaco Isn’t Your Jug Of Beer, Neonetics Offer A Large Variety Of Other Officially Licensed Neon Products

Neonetics are one of the best companies in the business. They offer hundreds of neon products, which include a large variety of officially licensed neon products. Some of these famous and popular brand names include Ford, General Motors, Mopar, Budweiser, Chrysler and Coca-Cola.

Neon Coke Sign

It’s not just neon signs they manufacture either. Neonetics produce an extensive collection of neon clocks and neon sculptures. They also provide a great range of lighted pictures which are given a bright colorful boost in their look, by the real hand crafted neon tubes and L.E.D accents.

You can see the quality in the products when they arrive and you finally get to add them to your special place. This is one of the reasons they are at the top of the lighting industry. Another, is that they are a trusted brand name that have been doing this type of work since 1989.

Customer ratings and feedback is absolutely positive, and that’s why they are such a trusted and best selling supplier of neon light products on our favorite online shopping center, Amazon.com.

Check Price

More Information About Neonetics Neon Signs & Other Products

We just can’t fault any of Neonetics, neon light works of art. We’re addicted to collecting them all. Our wives aren’t too happy with certain styles, but even they love the way the colorful neon looks in any room.

One thing is certain when it comes to these cool, premium quality neon signs, PLUS, not to mention the other large variety of bright, colorful and very unique lighting products, produced by this very professional company, is that they make some of the best gifts for men you could ever imagine.

Covering A Huge Range Of Interests, Making Them The Perfect Gift For Dads, Sons, Brothers Etc.

You see the huge range of these high quality, and to be honest, quiet collectible items, actually means that a large range of different tastes, and different interests can be covered if you need to find a perfect gift for Dad, or other man in your life. If you need to find a thoughtful gift for a man, and you would like something unique, with a high quality design, these neon signs are really something to consider.

Of course, not every single man out there is going to be able to use one of the neon signs and other decorative light, LED and neon picture items. Furthermore, these do not only make a perfect gift for men, or fathers etc.

These Neon-Signs & Other Neonetics Products Are NOT Just For Dads Cause Moms Love Them Too…

There are plenty of our female friends and loved ones that would absolutely love, and also appreciate a gift like one of these quality neon products. So these neon-signs (or maybe one of the other products from this talented manufacturer), may just be the perfect gift for a woman in your life.

If you need a birthday present for Mom, Christmas present for Grandma, or even a unique Mother’s Day Gift for your lovely Mother-in-Law, check a few more designs out. If they enjoy these types of decorative, electronic lighting products, you might just find the perfect gift, or gifts for a number of special days to come, over the coming months or even years lol.

Your loved one, whether they are a man or woman, who just loves neon lights, cars, or maybe a certain car company, would love a gift like this. They may love one of the other many lighting themes, styles or official brands that have been converted, with the warm and magic look of neon lights, and that are available from Neonetics, through the trusted seller Amazon.com.

So basically, there are a huge variety of brands, styles and designs. There may just be an item that will make the ideal present, for someone close to you. For both Male and/or Female.

A Few Things To Help You Decide If One Of These Neon-Signs Would Be A Cool Gift For Men Or Women In Your Life:Neon Beer Mug Sign

Below are some handy tips to help you decide if any of these neon signs and/or similar lighting products are a good gift idea for you and your loved ones.

Firstly, here are a few questions people often ask us, about lots of different products, and gift ideas we feature on OMGCoolGadgets.com…

Could they possibly be one of those perfect gift ideas for that really special person, or loved ones in our lives? If they are fussy or hard to buy for, this might just help you with that problem…

Also, would the signs make a good gift for Dads, Moms, or other special men and women in your life?

Furthermore, what are some interests they might have, that may just guarantee your loved ones are going to love some neon in their lives? 

Some Useful Tips That Will Help You Decide Whether Or Not, A Neon Sign, Or Similar Item Will Make The Perfect Gift For You To Give To Those Special People In Your Life:

If you are like a large percentage of our fans and followers, you probably have trouble finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. You are not alone. You may just be out of ideas like many other online shoppers. Hopefully we can help you out a little. or at least point you in the right direction.

Hopefully we can help you make your next batch of gifts you buy for your family and friends, unique and memorable ones. Not that they weren’t already I’m sure…

Whether it’s for Birthdays between now and Xmas, or actual Christmas presents you will need, these quality neon light products and LED varieties are honestly a really great gift idea for almost any special event you could think of.

Especially if the person, or people have certain interests, hobbies, aspirations, design tastes, or even a particular line of work. They may just have a favorite childhood memory, own a particular model car or motorcycle, or even have a favorite brand of beer that the enjoy once in a while.

Below are some handy tips to help you decide if any of these neon signs and/or similar lighting products are a good gift idea for you and your loved ones: 

  • First of all, do they love NEON LIGHTS?
  • Are they a car lover?
  • Do they really like a particular type of car? Like GMC or FORD for example?
  • Do they have a back-yard bar or bar in their home somewhere?
  • Do they have a Pool-Room?
  • Do they have a “Man-Cave”?
  • Do they collect old signs? For Example: Oil Signs, Service Station or Beer Signs.
  • Do they own a business? These types of neon signs and picture lighting are ideal for store fronts, window and also behind thee counter.
  • Are they still living at home and have their own room that needs brightening up?
  • Does anyone in your family own a retro style games-room? For Example: A room they have pinball machines, Foosball, air-hockey etc
  • Does a loved one own a real pub? These make the perfect additions to lots of places around a pub. They make the perfect decoration, as well as adding light and color.
  • Does anyone in your family have a modern gaming room? There are lots of ideal Neon-Signs and other similar products that would make the perfect addition to a teenager’s or other family member’s electronic gaming room.
  • Do they own a business? These types of neon signs and picture lighting are ideal for store fronts, window and also behind thee counter.
  • Do they own a garage? Either at home, or maybe they own a business, are a mechanic, do car restoration, or even own a car yard for instance? There are loads of gift possibilities for family you buy for if they own one of they businesses, or even have a garage at home. There are so many awesome car related neon signs available from Neonetics. Most of the products they have designed would not look out of place in any of these garages or work-places.

More Epic Designs, Of Top Quality And Unique Neon Signs Produced By The Best At Neonetics Below

I’ve Added A Few More Excellent, Top Quality Neon Signs That Feature Some Really Unique, And Absolutely Epic, Detailed Designs Produced By The Professionals At Neonetics Below:

Three Neon Signs For Ford Lovers…

Oval FORD Neon Sign in Metal Can For a Ford Lover’s Man Cave or Garage. It looks great, is a made to last, scream top quality and is quiet a unique neon sign because of it’s oval and metal can design. Ford Neon SignCheck Price

This next neon light FORD sign is our favorite. It’s for indoor use only, which is fine by us, designed with blue and white neon tubes, with a full color backing which is supported by a metal grid. It’s high quality as usual, and looks outstanding!
Neon Ford Sign
Check PriceSomething a little different, but still almost a must have for a Ford Lover’s Man-Cave, Pool-Room, Gaming-Room or Garage (just to name a few potential areas for these awesome neon creations), is this Ford Mustang Red Neon Sign with Backing.

It features red, white, blue and yellow neon tubes. The usual premium quality neon sign design, from the good people at Neonetics, blended with those traditional motor company looks.

If you own a Ford Mustang then that would be even better LOL! And we will envy you until we can buy our own one day.
Ford Mustang Red Neon Sign with Backing

Three Neon Signs For Chevy Lovers…

Featuring impressive blue, yellow and white, hand blown neon tubing, the Super Chevrolet Service design of this bright and colorful neon sign is inspired by the forever popular automotive company CHEVROLET.

If you know a little about the automotive industry, or have ever heard someone talk about cars, trucks or engines, than you may have heard the name Chev, Chevy or Chevrolet mentioned.

Chev is popular with a lot of car lovers. It’s safe to say it will always be a favorite, not just in America, but all around the globe.If you know someone who has a man cave, garage, bar (or they may just have a love of Chevy engines or vehicles), than chances are they would love this item.

You could have their next Xmas gift wrapped up already, so to speak.Also, you could probably confidently predict, that come Christmas Day, whoever the lucky person is that received this awesome gift from you, will consider this, not only one of the best Christmas gifts, but one of the best gifts they have ever received, period.
Super Chevrolet Service Neon Sign With Backing
Check Price

This next cool design is the Chevrolet Parts Neon Sign and it also features yellow, white and blue neon tubes, but in a totally different looking color scheme then the first Chevy Sign on our list.

It really comes down to the wording of the classic style Chevy signs, and also the color preference of the neon lights that will ultimately help you choose your favorite “man cave signs“.

Just like with the previous neon Chevrolet sign, if the man or women, who is going to be the lucky recipient of one of these quality neon signs, as a birthday gift, is a actually a Chevy fan in any way, then they are gonna love this gift!

If you are purchasing one for yourself to add to your very own man cave, games room or other special entertainment or relaxation area, than you already know why you have chosen the neon sign you like best.
Chevrolet Parts Neon Sign with BackingCheck Price

With the previous two Chev inspired neon sign designs, this next one is a little different. This is the CHEVROLET Corvette C1 Flags Neon Sign Design, and it’s bound to be one of the most popular items featuring the neon lights on top of the traditional signs from different areas of the automotive industry.

This Corvette Neon Sign still looks like one of those old original advertising signs you would see at a garage, but add the red and white neon lights and its much, much more than that.It’s almost simplistic, and sometimes that’s all a product needs to make it a unique item, and a really cool gift idea for a loved one.

Even though these signs have such a classic look about them, and some are similar to others, they all have their own unique look.
Corvette C1 Flags Neon SignCheck Price

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