Top 3 Best Tasers

A Serious Subject, But an Important One.

Usually, we share gadgets that are fun…. But this list of the Top 3 Best Tasers is an important one, as well as a serious one.

Unfortunately, self defense is something we all can use these days. Especially those of us who are not as physically equipped as others can be. But in saying that, even the strongest of us can become victims at some stage in our lives. You just never Know!

In a perfect world, our loved ones, none of us, would ever need to think about owning a Taser, or any type of “weapon” for that matter!

This is all sad, and scary at the same time.

BUT, we as humans cannot control other people’s actions. And this means there are always going to be “EVIL” people out there. People that want too, or think they need too, hurt, steal from, or do something much worse to innocent people 🙁

So, because we are sharing Gadgets that we think are important in one way or another, we thought that we would share the Best Tasers that we could find online.

3. Taser Pulse

Number 3 on our list of best tasers, is the Taser Pulse, which causes neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI), that temporarily overrides an attacker’s central nervous system, limiting their muscular control for 30 seconds and giving you the chance to avoid harm.

Equipped with LASER assisted targeting, and also with a powerful LED flashlight, means that your target will be hard to miss. A 15-foot safety range – will also give you ample space to escape safely.

The “Contact Stun” feature gives you added insurance in any close encounters.
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2. Taser X2 – Neuromuscular Incapacitation at it’s best!

The Taser x2 has an impressive 15 foot safety range. It has an immediate back-up feature and Class 3A Laser targeting.

If it does have a downside, it would be the big price tag.  But honestly, how much is yours, or your family’s safety worth? Can you put a price tag on that? We can’t.

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1. Taser X26C

The Taser X26C is top of the line when it comes to Tasers that are available to the public.

Equipped with a Laser Light, it also comes with 6 x Cartridges and a black, hard plastic, right-side holster. This is protection at it’s best!

Global Defense International is a very reliable and professional country. They will ship to most countries around the world from the U.S.
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More Information About Taser Laws in America.

Below is a diagram to show some more information about Tasers, and the laws in each state in the U.S.A.

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