Zoupet – Open And Close Screen Doors With Your Foot!

ZoupetWhen your hands are full and can’t use them to open your patio screen door, you need this clever gadget. Meet Zoupet, the cool invention that lets you use your foot to open sliding doors when your hands are full.

What is Zoupet exactly? Well we asked Éric Gagnon, the inventor of the Zoupet, and this is the story behind his simple, yet genius little gadget..

The idea came to me on July 2014. Coming back from work, I had a flash of all the times I had to cross my patio screen door with tools, food, drinks, toys and garden vegetables… and I told myself that it would be really nice to put a kind of handle at the bottom of the door to open it with my foot.

A few days later, I’ve made a cardboard prototype and made my neighbours try it. They all told me “I want one!” It gave me the motivation to perfect my prototype and sell it by myself.

After more than twenty prototypes (most of them made with a 3D printer), I finally got the design right. But I had no idea how to name it. And this was not a simple thing. Most names had their dot com name taken. A few of them were on sale, but at a few thousand dollars… After more than 500 tries, my wife got fed up and told me in French “Allez Zoup! Passe à autre chose.” Meaning “Come on! Move on.” 

I started selling it on the web at the end of June and already shipped more than a hundred so far. People like it because the plates also protects their screen. Others may admit that it also hides the scratches made on the screen from previous attempts at opening it with a foot, before the Zoupet was born… Last but not least, the two vertical ribs makes it easy to operate. After only a few tries, you don’t even have to look down to use it.

If you’re interested in buying one then head on over to the Zoupet website @ Zoupet.com

Price $14.44CAD via Zoupet.com